Thursday, 14 October 2010


For week starting 11 October
Select a film opening of your choice and apply Barthes' 5 narrative codes.
1.  Identify the key actions within the opening - what kinds of actions are included and how is the narrative moved forward?
2.  Identify the enigma codes within the opening - what kinds of questions are posed and how is the audience meant to read these codes?
3.  Identify key characters and think about what they represent in the opening
4. Interpret the cultural codes in the opening.  What kind of knowledge is being drawn on? social/historical/political/art and culture etc.  Highlight the 3 most important references in the opening that help with audience understanding.
5.  Identify key themes and analyse how they are presented visually/technically.

Please add the film link as usual.

Remember, codes can be visual, but also verbal and audio.
Deadline Friday 15th October 3.45pm